Personal and Small Group Training

Are you ready to begin strength and functional training but feeling unsure about the various machines and how they work?  Do you want to take your fitness to the next level ?

Our certified trainers will help you achieve your fitness goals, and teach you safe and effective workouts.

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A one hour session or more with a Personal Trainer gives you the attention, guidance and motivation you deserve! 

Our team of certified personal trainers create goal based programs. Choose from Traditional, Aqua, Parkinson's or Combo(Land and Aqua).

Our personal training sessions for people living with Parkinson's disease focuses on cardio, strength, balance and coordination.

Sessions Hours Price
    Member / Non-member
1 hour 1 session $65 / $75                     Registration
  5 sessions $300 / $320                 Registration
  10 sessions $575 / $615                 Registration
30 minutes 1 session $45 / $55                     Registration
  5 sessions $200 / $250                 Registration
  10 sessions $365 / $400                 Registration


Small group TRAINing (Coming soon)

Our team of certified trainers create goal based programs that deliver results. Group training provides motivation, camaraderie and accountability.

Trainer led workouts include functional training and high intensity intervals. The 30 minute workouts will challenge you to the max using S-drive, S-force, rowers, battle ropes, TRX suspension trainers, krankcycle, PLYO boxes, slam balls, landmines and more. 


For more information, contact Anj Harraka at 201.444.5600 x318 or

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