Teen Fitness



Begin your fitness journey at the Ridgewood Y

Our teen fitness classes help to guide and inspire young adults to begin making healthy lifestyle choices early in life. Our classes are led by certified instructors and designed to be informative and safe while providing energizing and fun workouts in a group setting that will keep teens motivated while building fitness and self-confidence.

Teen group exercise classes are included with Y Family and 7th Grade Initiative memberships.

Speed and Agility Rust-Buster Mini Camp for Teens

Calling all Fall athletes! Time to shake off the rust so you can enter preseason ready to train!

This mini-camp prepares middle and high school-aged athletes of all levels for their respective fall sports after a summer off in a low-pressure, yet challenging environment and without the added stress of performing in front of coaches. The camp is led by experienced speed and agility coaches with backgrounds in high-level athletics as both athletes and coaches.

Programming will consist of speed, plyometric, and agility drills using ladders, cones, hurdles, and sleds to retrain basic athletic movement and recondition fast twitch muscles. By reintroducing a consistent, yet easy-to-maintain schedule for the summer, athletes can reacclimate to having a training regimen. Athletes will complete the camp feeling warmed up and confident to begin preseason training.

Wednesdays | July 31 – August 21
4:00-5:30 PM
Members $100 | Non-members $125


Teen Boxing

Instructor: Roy

Designed for all levels to promote mental focus, weight loss, and an overall increase in fitness, our boxing classes are a great way to work on basic boxing skills while building self-confidence and mental acuteness.

Our classes are safe and led by professional instructors. This class takes place outside the ring and utilizes heavy bags, strike mitts and gloves, as well as accessory equipment such as jump ropes and resistance bands.


Teen Mat Pilates

Instructor: Stacy

Mat Pilates is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on engaging and activating your core muscles while also training your arms and legs. Teen Mat Pilates emphasizes proper postural alignment, core strength, and muscle balance, while keeping the specific needs of developing bodies in mind.

This program is based on the original exercises developed by Joseph Pilates and includes over 500 exercises that can be practiced anywhere.


Teen Conditioning

Instructor: Roy

Designed specifically for teens, this class includes circuit training, cardio, body weight exercises, and finishes with core work and stretching for a complete workout!


For questions and more information, contact Lorna Deveaux [email protected]