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Why the Y

We love Kids Zumba

Our Kids Zumba Class with Miss Ashley is the best ever!  We learn new dance steps and have fun with our new friends dancing to great music!


Kids Zumba Class of 2018!

Singing with my Dad

My Dad and I have attended the Sing for Your Health Parkinson's Program here at the Ridgewood Y this spring. This program has brought us such joy in singing songs with the people in class and the live band and giving me these precious moments with my Dad that I wouldn’t otherwise have.


National Impact of the Y

Why the Y

The Y’s original content series highlights the nationwide impact of the organization through the stories of recognizable faces


The teens in our Ridgewood Y's American Red Cross Lifeguard Training class have this to say about the program, "This class is fun, interactive and we are learning new skills to become certified lifeguards!  Kyle is a great teacher!  We are all looking forward to having summer jobs soon! 

Our First Year at the Y

“This is our first year as members of the Ridgewood YMCA.  My daughter Scarlett is 3 years old and enrolled in many of the Ridgewood Y’s sports, swim and enrichment programs. Scarlett has taken Tiny Tots soccer and basketball, Squeaky Sneakers, Art Book and Cook, S.T.E.A.M.I.N.G. into STEM classes and both private and group swim lessons.  I live in Clifton and I when I went to look for toddler programs in my area, I didn’t find classes that were available on the weekends, which is the most convenient time for me as a single working parent.  The variety of classes the Ridgewood Y offers for families is great and the quality of the instructors and their interaction with both my daughter and me is impressive.  Last summer we also had our first experience with the Y’s Kidz Camp. It was the very first time I left Scarlett with someone other than a relative. I was worried how she would do because of the separation and it turns out that she did phenomenal!  She acclimated well and still talks about her experience at camp to this day. 

As a special education teacher, I have experience with children so I feel confident saying that the Ridgewood Y’s staff does an exemplary job and I would recommend the Y to other families!”

Monique from Clifton

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