Seniors Aquatics

Here at the Y, seniors can take the plunge into better health, too! We have a range of adult aquatics programs including swim instruction, stroke improvement and aqua aerobics.


  • Adult Beginner 1&2

    The Adult Beginner 1 level is for adults and teens 13 years of age and older who have had no previous swim or water experience. They will work on getting comfortable in the water, rhythmic breathing, floating and the fundamentals of proper arm stroke and kick. The goal of this level is for the participant to be able to swim with proper arm stroke and kick before moving to the Adult Beginner 2 level. The Adult Beginner 2 level begins deep water adjustment. Participants must be able to float. This class will perfect proper arm stroke and kick and swimmers will begin rotary breathing. Classes 300, 301, and 305 are combination classes for both Beginner 1 and Beginner 2 swimmers. Class 302 is for Beginner 1 level only and 303 is for Beginner level 2 only.

  • Adult Intermediate
    The Adult Intermediate Level is for adults and teens 13 years of age and older who are comfortable in deep water and can swim 25yds front crawl, backstroke and elementary backstroke. They will work on refining these strokes, increasing endurance and learning breaststroke. The goal of this level is for the participant to become totally deep water safe, proficient in these strokes and an independent lap swimmer.
  • Adult Swim Clinic

    Our Adult Swim Clinic is for proficient adult swimmers who want to improve endurance and increase distance swimming or those participating in a Triathlon or Masters program.

    Classes numbers are as follows:
    Mon 8:30-9:30pm    321
    Tue  8:45-9:30pm    322
    Fri    8:30-9:30pm    323

    Class #321 or 323 (1 hour classes) - Triangle/BFC $156   Program/Swim $200

    Class #322 (45 minute class) - Triangle/BFC $117  Program/Swim $151

    Special rates when registering for multiple classes.
    Register for class #324 below and you can choose any two days.  Tri/BFC $175  Prog/Swim $226
    Register for class #325 below and come to all all three days!  Tri/BFC $263 Prog/Swim $340

  • Aquacise

    Vigorous, low impact shallow water aerobic workout that improves cardiovascular fitness combined with exercises that increase strength, flexibility and balance.  Part of our Fitness Workout Package.

  • AquaFit

    Shallow and deep water exercises (flotation devices provided) that tone and improve range of motion, cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength. Part of our Fitness Workout Package.

  • Lifeguard Test Sept 4,11_Must Pass Test First
  • Lifeguard Training

    Learn the skills and knowledge required to become a lifeguard, including how to recognize, prevent and respond quickly to aquatic emergencies. Click here for further info.

  • Private Swim Lessons

    Our private swim lessons are perfect for any level, from novice to advanced swimmer! Lessons are offered once per week for seven weeks for swimmers at all levels. Please click here for further info.