Financial Assistance

Assistance is available for those who cannot afford the vital services the YMCA provides. With financial assistance, kids and families find the assets they need in YMCA programs like membership, youth sports, swim lessons, parent-child programs, summer camp, teen leadership, and others. Our goal is that no one is turned away from a YMCA program because they can't afford it.


  • To submit an application, download the financial aid application PDF below, or stop by your local branch and ask for a confidential application. Refer to the instructions on the application.
  • When submitting an official application, applicants will be required to provide a current tax return or other proof of financial dependency.
  • The YMCA will also need copies of two recent paycheck stubs from the applicant and from the partner/spouse. We will also accept a letter from your employer on company letterhead stating your monthly gross income. Please enclose photocopies only; the YMCA cannot make copies for you. Original documents cannot be returned.
  • The YMCA handles all financial assistance applications confidentially.

Questions? Contact Megan Heller 201.444.5600 x375.


  Financial Assistance Application

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