7th Grade Initiative offers a complimentary Ridgewood YMCA membership to 7th graders!  The initiative was conceived  and implemented by the New Jersey YMCA State Alliance to support and encourage teens to maintain and/or adopt healthy lifestyles at an age when they are beginning to make their own choice regarding health and wellness.
At the Y, 7th graders enjoy access to our Y.  Including our Strength & Conditioning Center, Bolger Fitness Center (after orientation), basketball gym, family swim times, group exercise classes, volunteer opportunities and more. The Y offers a safe place where teens will find opportunities to cultivate values, skills and relationships that lead to positive behaviors, better health and educational achievement.
We invite all 7th graders in our service area to join the Ridgewood Y. Membership is valid through October 19, 2023 to new members or at time of renewal.  

To qualify for the complimentary membership: Student must attend two “7th Grade Orientation” sessions before able to join. Please bring in a report card or class schedule to orientation as proof of 7th grade status.

Orientations are to be attended on Monday or Wednesday (counts as 1st orientation) AND Friday (2nd orientation). Registration through ReClique as a “non-member” there will be a $30 deposit to register for the classes, these dollars will be put towards the month of September, during the 8th grade year. NOT refundable.