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Ridgewood YMCA 201.444.5600

MOSSA Winter Launch

The MOSSA Winter launch is here! Get ready to get fit with the launch of MOSSA's new content!

Each quarter, the MOSSA Program Development team creates a new release, or workout, for each program. This means every 3 months our classes are invigorated with new content, so workouts will never get old. 

Join us the week of January 6th as we introduce the new content for Active Together and Strength Train Together. Members will have the opportunity to participate in our class commitment contest. The first 2 members to complete 16 MOSSA classes by Sat. Feb 15th will win a free chair massage!

Don't miss out! Join us for a class and reach your fitness goals!

10:15pm - Active Together (Lisa)
4:30pm - Strength Train Together (Anj)
10:15am - Active Together (Kelly)
5:30pm - Strength Train Together (Lisa)
10:15am - Strength Train Together (Lisa)
10:15am - Strength Train Together (Anj)
10:30am - Strength Train Together (Lisa)

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