Wellness Wednesdays

Featuring professional guest speakers on health & wellness topics offered twice a month during the daytime and evening hours. All workshops and special health events take place at the Ridgewood YMCA.  These workshops are provided free to the community, but you must RSVP.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the RSVP link.  Thank you!

keeping diabetes under control - Presented by ridgewood rite aid pharmacy

 The Ridgewood YMCA has partnered with the Ridgewood Rite-Aid to offer workshops on important health topics presented by Rite Aid phamacists.

According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), a pharmacist should be a part of your diabetes care team.  Pharmacists know what’s in diabetes drugs and how they interact with each other. They can also give advice about whether any medication you take for diabetes or other conditions could affect your blood sugar levels.  Pharmacists can also speak about how natural supplements interact with diabetes medicines.  This will be an interactive discussion, so please bring your list of medications and any questions you may want to discuss with the pharmacist.

Date Hour
Wednesday, January 10 12 noon


medication management - Presented by ridgewood rite aid pharmacy

 The Ridgewood YMCA has partnered with the Ridgewood Rite-Aid to offer workshops on important health topics presented by Rite Aid phamacists.

Many people take medications to make them feel better and prevent/manage secondary conditions. It is important to become your own self-advocate for care, and to know what questions to ask your pharmacist and physicians about your medications. This workshop will provide you with information on how you can take control of your medications and work with health care professionals to achieve your health goals. You should expect your pharmacist to: • Tell you the name and purpose of all medications • Tell you how to take medications such as if you should avoid foods or alcohol and what to do if you miss a dose • Tell you what good and bad effects to expect from medications • Let you know if all your medications can be used together • Help you make decisions about over-the-counter medications • Provide accommodations such as easy-open caps, large font labels or other special packaging • 

Date Hour
Wednesday, January 24 12 noon


four major health concerns every parent of a tween should know about

Learn the challenges that face your preteen and teenager at home and school.   How does technology, diet, sports and social challenges affect our children?  What can we do to minimize and prevent the impact?   Dr. David DeOliveira will cover all these topics and more!

Dr. David DeOliveira has been practicing Chiropractic for over a decade and speaking on all the health challenges facing our communities over the last several years.  He strives to promote health through optimizing proper nutrition, positive mindset and a strong body.

Date Hour
Wednesday, February 7 7:00pm


power up with protein


What do peas, Greek yogurt and salmon have in common? They are all great sources of protein, an essential nutrient that powers your body and fuels your mind! 

Join us as we welcome Caroline Schmalz, RD (registered dietician) who will take you on a tasteful journey exploring the benefits of lean protein to help you meet all of your health and wellness goals. Samples and recipes will be provided.

Date Hour
Wednesday, January 24 7:00pm
Wednesday, February 21 12 noon


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