What is Sup YogaFit? SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) YogaFit is an innovative, challenging, new way to energize and transform any regular fitness and yoga practice, taking place while floating on water and balancing on a paddleboard, SUP YogaFit is making waves around the world, with the fitness and yoga community taking their practice off dry land and on to the water. Class Description: Indoor Sup YogaFit is an amazing combination class for All levels. Enjoy a fantastic overall body work out. SUP YogaFit is our signature class that blends a fusion of core fitness and yoga, balancing, stretching, and breathing, followed by a relaxing guided meditation. This class is beginner friendly as well as advanced, we modify the poses to fit your needs. Benefits of SUP YogaFit: * Increases present moment awareness * Increases the amount of core stability needed to achieve each pose * Develops balance * Increases focus * Increases breath control * Refines technique * Activates new muscles

coming this january!


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