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Youth Swim Lessons


We would like to announce our new and improved swim lessons structure. We have completely revamped everything about our lessons to better serve all members and their families.

  • Top-class, consistent instructors
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Desirable class times (evenings and weekends)
  • Warmer pool exclusively

Classes will be divided by level and age, ensuring students will likely be at a very similar skill within the class groups.

What to know more? Check out our Swim Lesson FAQ sheet.

Need to know which classes to enroll in? Our convenient Conversion Chart will show you which levels are equivalent to our previous classes.

Youth Class Levels

Baby & Me
Children ages 6 months through 2.5 years.  This class focuses on water acclimation, submersions, water safety skills and buoyancy.

Level 1 (Ages 3+)
Children who are new to the water, and will not submerge their head. 

Level 2 (Ages 3+)
Children who will submerge their heads and are comfortable in the water, but not swimming yet.

Level 3 (Ages 3+)
Children who can swim 10 feet without a flotation device and float on their back for 10 seconds.

Level 4 (Ages 3+)
Children who can swim basic freestyle and backstroke 25 yards.

Level 5 (Ages 5+)
Children who have mastered freestyle and backstroke, and are working on perfecting their breaststroke.

Level 6 (Ages 5+)
Children who have mastered freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and are beginning butterfly and diving technique work.

Level 7 and 8 (Ages 5+)
Introduction to lap swimming.  Children will work on endurance and on drills to prepare for swim team.



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