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Our Transformation Begins-FAQs Answered

Learn more about the exciting transformation taking place at the Ridgewood YMCA

Dear Friends and Supporters:

The Ridgewood YMCA has served the community since 1902 and today engages over 15,000 adults and children annually from our Oak Street location in Ridgewood and year round YMCA Camp Bernie resident camp in Port Murray, NJ. The YMCA embraces people of all ages, incomes, abilities, religions, and ethnic backgrounds; we are for all.

I am excited to announce that we are entering into a new period of transformation that will eventually shift the entire trajectory of the Ridgewood Y's future. The YMCA will restructure as a separate entity from the YWCA, whose organization has shared the Oak Street home for over 70 years. Beginning September 4, 2018, the YMCA will operate solely in the facility, providing a great foundation for improvement and growth opportunities. I want to share with you our top goals moving forward:,

  • Facility upgrade to ensure member satisfaction
  • Innovative programming for youth, families and active older adults
  • Increased collaboration with local organizations
  • Raised awareness of the Y's mission to strengthening community

We will hold several community sessions during the f,all to field questions, feedback and open dialogue with you. I would also like to thank those who have generously supported the Ridgewood Y through your financial contributions and/or volunteerism. As a local nonprofit, we rely on the support of hundreds of donors every year to ensure that our programs and facilities are available to all.

We will continue to work for you providing strong programs for the entire community. I look forward to seeing you and your family at our Y this fall, participating in our classes, staying healthy and making new friends!

With sincere gratitude,

Ernest Lamour, CEO


YMCA Transition FAQs

Effective September 4, 2018, the YMCA shall be the sole organization at 112 Oak Street.


Will my current Membership change?

Your current YMCA Membership or BFC Membership will remain the same until 12/31/2018.

Can I purchase a new YMCA or BFC membership or renew my current membership?

Yes, you can continue to purchase and renew YMCA/BFC memberships.

All memberships that are sold from 9/1-12/31/2018 can be purchased on monthly draft.

Can I purchase a YWCA membership?

YWCA membership is no longer available. YMCA/BFC membership available on our draft plan.

Can I keep my YWCA membership?

Yes, you must complete an application, membership conversion is not automatic. With proof of your YWCA membership type and expiration through 12/31/18, the YMCA will convert your membership type to a YMCA membership through 12/31/2018. 

Why was this decision made?

The YMCA and YWCA boards made the decision for the YMCA to purchase the Oak Street facility.  This will allow the YMCA to serve our community better.

Will the membership prices change?

Prices will remain the same through 12/31/2018. During this time, we will be evaluating our membership structure and opportunities to offer members more.

Will the Pool schedule change?

We are currently evaluating our pool schedule to further enhance the member experience.

Will programs change?

We are currently evaluating our program schedule to further enhance the member experience. 


Please note: The YMCA will be closed on Sundays in August and August 25 to September 3.

We appreciate your patience during this exciting time of change.


Further updates to come. Contact Megan Heller 201-444-5600 x375 or mheller@ridgewoodymca.org with specific questions about membership, programs and schedules.

The above listed FAQs are available at the Welcome Center.  Please ask for a copy.

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