Adult Aquatics Programs

Here at the Y, adults can take the plunge into better health, too! We have a range of adult aquatics programs including swim instruction, stroke improvement and Aqua aerobics.


Beginner  Adult Swim Lessons

The Adult Beginner  level is for adults and teens 13 years of age and older who have had no previous swim or water experience. They will work on getting comfortable in the water, rhythmic breathing, floating and the fundamentals of proper arm stroke and kick. The goal of this level is for the participant to be able to swim with proper arm stroke and kick before moving to the Adult Beginner 2 level.


Triangle/BFC $111 Program/Swim $145

Intermediate Level Adult Swim Lessons

The Adult Intermediate Level is for adults and teens 13 years of age and older who are comfortable in deep water and can swim 25yds front crawl, backstroke and elementary backstroke. They will work on refining these strokes, increasing endurance and learning breaststroke. The goal of this level is for the participant to become totally deep water safe, proficient in these strokes and an independent lap swimmer.


Triangle/BFC $111   Program/Swim $145

Adult Swim Clinic

For proficient adult swimmers who want to improve endurance and increase distance swimming or those participating in a Triathlon or Masters program.

Triangle/BFC $144  Program/Swim $185


FREE - Specialized Water Interest Movement (Swim Inc.)

Tuesdays from 2:30-3:30pm

Swim, Inc's purpose is to provide recreational therapy for adults with mobility impairment. Swim, Inc. is a free program.

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